Bulletin of Vacant Positions


Date PublishedPosition/s
11/09/2020Head Teacher 1
10/06/2020Two (2) Head Teacher 3 (Elem) SG 16
08/11/2020School Principal II, School Principal I
08/07/2010Administrative Officer II (HRMO 2)
07/01/2020Principal II (Elementary), Head Teacher I (Secondary), Nurse II, Administrative Assistant 3 (Senior Bookkeeper)
05/28/2020Master Teacher II - SHS (Science)
05/22/2020Head Teacher I (Secondary)
05/22/2020Master Teacher II (English)
05/21/2020Master Teacher I - SHS (Social Studies)
03/11/2020School Principal I (Elementary)
03/11/2020Administrative Assistant II (Disbursing Officer ), Administrative Aide VI
03/02/2020Principal I (Elementary), Head Teacher 3(Elementary)
10/07/2019Master Teacher II (SHS)
09/16/2019Principal II
09/11/2019Administrative Assistant II (Disbursement Officer)
08/29/2019Principal I (Elementary)
08/28/2019Principal II (SHS), Principal I (2)
07/30/2019Administrative Aide VI, Administrative Assistant II
07/18/2019AA VI, ADAS II, Principal II
07/10/2019Education Program Supervisor (EPS)
06/26/2019Attorney III
04/22/2019Education Program Supervisor (EPS)
04/11/2019ADAS III
04/11/2019AA I, ADAS I, HT I, HT III
03-28-2019Chief Education Supervisor
01/25/2019Public Schools District Supervisor
01-23-201Education Program Supervisor and Project Development Officer II
01/08/2019ADAS II (1) and ADAS III (12)
12/18/2015Teacher I (20)

Date of Publication: December 18, 2015

The Schools Division of Kalinga is now accepting applicants to the positions of 20 Teacher I, Salary Grade 11. For further details, applicants are advised to visit personally the Division Office. See more