Out of 160 schools in the Schools Division of Kalinga, 48 schools submitted to the School Governance and Operations Division SGOD) their Gender and Development Plans for 2015.

The elementary schools who submitted their plans are the following: Ableg ES, Aciga ES, Allaguia ES, Ammacian ES, Alubaggan ES, Asibanglan ES, Bagbag ES, Bangad Centro ES,Balbalasang ES, Butbut ES, Calaocan ES, Colong PS, Dangoy ES, Galdang ES, Katabbogan ES, Legleg ES, Lubuagan Central School, Luplupa ES, Lutab PS, Mabaca ES (Tanudan), Mabelong ES, Mallongan ES, Mapaco ES,Maswa ES, Ngibat ES, Pasil Central School, Payao PS, Pinococ ES, Rizal Central School, San Pedro ES, San Vicente ES, Socbot ES, Taggay ES, Tanudan CS, Tinglayan ES,Tinglayan Central school, Tulgao ES, and Wagud ES.

The Secondary schools are the following: Balbalan Agro-Industrial National School, Cal-owan Vocational NHS, Camalog NHS/Malagnat Annex, Cawagayan NHS, Central Pasil NHS, Kalinga NHS Ambato Annex, Lubuagan NHS, Macutay-Palao NHS, Magtoma-Pangol NHS and Annex, Pinukpuk Vocational School, Socbot NHS, St. Theresita’s School, Lubuagan, Sumadel NHS, Rizal School of Arts and Trades main and Santor Annex and Tanudan NHS. Rizal Central School and Balbalan Agro-Industrial NHS implemented their plans early while the other schools implemented their plan during the semester break.

Those who have not yet submitted will be submitting their plans. They will be implementing them until December 2015 otherwise they will explain in writing because this is under Executive Order No. 273 and section 16 of IRR of RA 9710.