Monitoring and Evaluation is one of the jobs of the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) of DepEd Kalinga.

As of October 2015, the SGOD staff has visited 18 elementary schools in Balbalan, 8 in Lubuagan, 9 in Pasil, 11 in Upper Tanudan, 9 in Lower Tanudan, 15 in Northern Pinukpuk, 9 in Southern Pinukpuk, 17 in Rizal and 17 in Tinglayan.

For the secondary schools, the staff likewise visited 30 schools. By going to these schools, there were several observations like many of the schools keep on improving their school facilities while others may not have time or don’t mind whatever happens.

It was also found out that schools have needs in order to serve their clienteles to the best. The challenge for the SGOD is to visit 47 elementary schools like Angod PS, Bolo PS, Gawaan ES, Ligayan Com. School, Poswoy Mamaga Annex, Salegseg Com. Sch., Saltan ES, Sesec-an PS, Tawang ES, Ubual ES, Utah Com. Sch., Ag-Agama ES, Dugnac PS, Mabongtot ES, Mallongan ES, Payao PS, Sukiap PS, Tanglag ES, Uma ES, Bagtayan ES, Balbalan-Wagas PS, Da-o PS, Cagaluan – Putao ES, Dalupa ES, Galdang ES, Pasil-Pugong Annex, Pasil –Guinaang Annex, Pasil CS-Malucsad Annex, Aguimitan Ps, Baclas PS, Bayao PS, Binansagan PS, Bonnong PS, Coddog PS, Dupagan ES, Lutab PS, Malaap PS, Pakawit Es, Basao Es, Bugnay ES, Buscalan ES, Luplupa ES, Man-ubal PS, Aciga ES.

For the secondary schools, the staff aims to reach BAIS-Extension and Bangad NHS, the soonest possible time.