Twenty-seven schools of Kalinga Division are now recipients of Php 140, 000.00 each for the School-to School Partnership for Fiscal Year 2016 under the School-Based Management (SBM)  Program.

The DepEd believes that high -performing schools can be instruments for reform. Through school-to school partnerships, high performing schools can share their best practices and help other schools improve their school performance using Learning Action Cell (LAC), the Continuous Improvement (CI) Program, and School-Based Management.

The recipient Leader Schools provide shall provide technical support and assistance to nearby schools that have not yet reached their full potential in school performance. These school funds shall be used by Leader Schools for sharing their best practices and for partnership activities with their nearby Partner Schools.

This is to generate short-term positive outcomes among schools involved in partnerships which are enabling mechanisms of effective schools.

For positive outcomes, schools involved in partnerships should get engaged in collaborative professional development activities such as CI, LAC, and action research; jointly undertake planning, problem solving, and resource mobilization activities to address community-wide educational problems; and improve social trust, awareness, and undertaking with other schools.