Leaders do come and go. As the old ones go, they leave legacies and as the new ones arrive, they implement policies and programs for the improvement of the curriculum, enhancement of academic instructions, empowerment of administrators and elevation of the quality of teachers.

In connection to DepEd’s vision of making every learner shine, the division office takes much effort in empowering schools which are the primary partners of the provincial government in making Kalinga a more shining oasis of academic success and extra-curricular achievements.

Alongside with the latest honor reaped by Kalinga as one of the top 20 Most Improved Provinces in the country, the Schools Division of Kalinga through the able leadership of the young and vibrant OIC-Schools Division Superintendent, Benilda M. Daytaca keeps on helping the province shine to a higher level. The SDO commits itself at elevating the level of its managerial and supervisory services by conducting relevant trainings and sending more teachers and school heads to various workshops and conferences.

The teachers who are considered as the front liners in the education of the young are being encouraged to improve classroom learning and instruction by writing learning packages and making effective instructional materials.

The SDO leadership wants everything to run smoothly until the end of the school year. This noble goal as everybody believes is highly achievable if every detail of needed service will be infused in everybody’s vein of commitment and dedication. From the division
office down to the districts and to the teaching stations, SDO Kalinga aims to bring the best quality of instruction to the students. Hence, the administration, personnel, school heads and teachers are expected to exude utmost positivism in accepting change in the academe. The leadership of the new OIC-Superintendent invests much on the development of everyone through various in-service trainings,conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Doubtlessly, SDO Kalinga SHINES shinier if all Ikalinga learners shine in their acquisition of the 21st century skills through their service-oriented leaders, well-equipped school heads and well- prepared teachers. Together we can make it happen! Together we can make Kalinga SHINES shinier! (Ricardo C. Gazzingan, Jr. Teacher III-Santor NHS)