The Regional Field Technical Assistance Team of DepEd CAR validates 13 schools, 11 elementary and two (2) secondary schools as SBM Level 2 of Practice or Maturing.

The RFTAT is composed of the following : Elfred C. Dalang and Marjory T. Valdez from RO-FTAD; Edgar H. Madlaing, Claire Y. Piggangay, and Asterio C. Madalla from RO-CLMD; Annie Rose B. Cayasen of RO-QAD and Denia O. Tarnate of RO-HRDD. During the validation activities, the RFTAT was with the DFTAT composed of Maribel Latawan and Neva Jane A. Atiwag, both from the SGOD-SMME. Mr. Wilson Bulwayan-PSDS, Southern Pinukpuk District and Mrs. Josephine Y. Dangatan-PSDS, Lubuagan District were with the team during the validation in their districts.

The following schools are validated as Level 2 described as Maturing:
1. Calaocan ES
2. Liwan West ES
3. Liwan East ES
4. Macutay ES
5. Rizal CS
6. RNSAT – Main
7. Pinukpuk CS
8. Tappo ES
9. Pinukpuk VS
10. Socbot ES
11. Socbot NHS
12. Lubuagan CS
13. Cagaluan ES

The School Based Management (SBM) Validation activity for the last three (3) school years aims to validate SBM Level of Practice and to strengthen the SBM Practice with emphasis on the principle of “A Child-and Community-Centered Education System (ACCESS)” through leadership, teamwork and giving greater responsibilities to stakeholders in basic education delivery.

The validation focuses on 1) D-O-D Analysis (discussion, observation and document analysis-40%) of the four (4) principles of SBM namely: Leadership (30%), Curriculum and Learning (30%), Accountability (25%) and Resource Management (15%); and 2) Improvement of Learning Outcomes(60%) namely: Access (Enrolment-10%), Efficiency-40% (Participation Rate, Drop-out Rate, Failure Rate, Completion Rate, Repetition Rate and Promotion Rate) and NAT/MPS Based on Gen. Average of learners(50%).


Teamwork as ONE DEPED FAMILY is the key toward development to make KALINGA SHINES. (NJ A. Atiwag)