The Schools Division Office of Kalinga through the YFC-SGOD conducted the election of Division Federated Officers of SSG, SPG and Teacher-Adviser for the Academic Year 2019-2020 on March 8, 2019, at the Conference Hall in the Division Office.The Election was based on DepEd Orders No. 49, series of 2011 and No. 34, series of 2008, respectively.

It is a part of the role of the Youth Formation Coordinators to manage the youth formation programs of the school within the division, including but not limited to the implementation of the Supreme Pupils Government (SPG) and Supreme Students Government (SSG) as well as other co-curricular and extra-curricular clubs and programs. The activity aims to empower the youth leaders and their teacher-adviser on youth development programs, to involved the student leaders as representative of the student body in the crafting of School Improvement Plan, strengthened the monitoring and evaluation of student-initiated projects and programs, produce outstanding public school student leaders and advisers, and to hone the leadership skills of our learner-leader.The said activity was attended by the SSG and SPG President and SSG and SPG Teacher-Adviser elect within the different District.
After the election, all the participants gathered for a conference led by the Youth Formation Coordinators of School Governance Operations Division of SDO-Kalinga. During the short conference, the participants gave updates on the on-going projects in their respective schools, issues and concerns they have encountered and the alternative efforts undertaken to address such.

The YFC-SGOD expressed their full support in all the activities of the Student Government and other school clubs and encouraged everyone to continue serving to achieve the best for their own respective schools and community. Recognition was also given to their accomplishments. Big hail to all of you student leaders and teacher-adviser!!!

In the closing of the activity, YFC-SGOD expressed their thanks for the commitment and efforts that everyone has been giving in the youth formation programs, projects, and activities. They also encouraged all the officers both SSG and SPG and Teacher-Advisers to support all youth formation initiatives and projects and as well as to continue serving for the betterment of the studentry as a whole.

#KalingaShines…“Soar High with Integrity and Nurture Excellent Service”

|R.Aggalao| -yfc-sgod-