As mandated by law to properly guide the students in choosing the career tracks that they intend to pursue, the Schools Division Office of Kalinga through the YFC-SGOD in partnership with the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) conducted the Division Career Guidance Advocacy Program on April 22-23, 2019, @Paulla Hall, Kingsquare Davidson Hotel and restaurant, Bulanao, Tabuk City, Kalinga participated by thirty-three (33) Guidance Counsellors/designates and advocates from the different schools under the jurisdiction and supervision of SDO-Kalinga. The said activity is in coordination with the DOLE, and CHED. We are mandated to conduct career advocacy activities for our students as early as possible. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 27 of Republic Act No. 9258, otherwise known as the “Guidance and Counselling Act of 2004”, career and employment guidance counsellors, who are not registered and licensed guidance counsellors, shall be allowed to conduct career advocacy activities to secondary level students of the school where they are currently employed provided that they undergo a training program to be developed or accredited by the DepEd.

In an increasingly connected and complex world, advanced technologies, industrialization and globalization have made a huge and positive impact to our lives. As such, a need to guide our learners. Nowadays, Career Guidance is an effective tool in addressing job-skill mismatch and shifting of courses in the middle of school year in the life of our learners. Choosing a career aligned to the learners’ interest and skills must be given importance for them to be globally competitive.

Speakers from other government agencies as partners were invited to share and discuss appropriate strategies and mechanisms needed to ensure the smooth transition from the existing ten years basic education cycle to the enhanced basic education (K-12) cycle. Mr. Emmanuel Barcellano, Senior Labor and Employment Officer from DOLE, Field Office Kalinga, discussed topics on Career Path, Choosing the Right Track, LMI and Facilitating Skills. According to him, to prepare our youth in responding to the varying employment trends there is a need to provide them with the labor market information and empower them in making informed career decisions. One of the strategies is bridging models linking grade 10 competencies and the entry requirements of new tertiary curricula, and partnerships between the government and other entities. Ms. Martina G. Tibangay, Education Program Supervisor-TLE from the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) shared topics on TVL. According to her, we take cognizant of unique cultural features, creative talents and the many tangible and intangible skills of our students. And she challenged all the participants by saying “hold on”…keep that passion of serving our young ones and thru our collaborative effort we can be able to help and guide them to the right path. Topic on Stress Management was also shared by a Registered Guidance Counsellor from PVS Mam Brigitte D. Lardizabal. The participants were challenged on the strategy in handling issues and concerns affecting our learners wherein the speaker put emphasis on “looking into yourself first” to be an effective instrument in counselling and guiding your learner. We guidance advocates are the source of life and inspiration of our learners and crucial driver in the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Ms. Lily-Ann A. Fernando, Administrative Officer V, SDO-Kalinga shared topic on the factors affecting our learners. According to Mam Fernando, looking into the factors affecting our learners is very crucial in order for us to provide appropriate strategies and mechanisms needed. We play a key role in recognizing learner’s potential as agents of change and giving them the opportunities and space to discover and understand who they are and to grow as responsible global citizens. One of the strategies to discover and ignite the interest of our learner is the modelling or dress fashion show. This may be implemented in selected schools to simulate the transition process and to provide concrete data for the transition plan. During the said seminar, an open forum was simultaneously conducted every after the speaker shared his/her topic which the facilitators observed that it is an effective tool/strategy for the participants to appreciate and fully understand the topic being shared.

On the second day, Salient features of Republic Act No. 10931 and CHED Scholarship programs were discussed thoroughly by Dr. Bernadette C. Pal-ec, CHED-Regional Office. The participants were very thankful for they were enlightened on the said law and for the different scholarship programs that can be availed of by our students and teachers as well. It is also very symbolic that all the participants gathered to discuss among others the topic on “Cordillera Autonomy” with NEDA-Regional Office representative Mr. Laurence Bayongan. It is a part of our goal to focus on the promotion and support of gifted and very rich Cordillera. There is a need to acknowledge the past for further development. And finally, the activity ended with a planning-workshop and presentation of their output on Career Guidance Advocacy Action Plan for the Academic Year 2019-2020.

In closing the said activity, the SDO-Kalinga through YFC-SGOD expressed their full support in all the programs for Career Guidance and encouraged everyone to continue serving and making the most opportunities that are available for learner’s sake. It is our goal to ensure learners sustainable development and leave no one behind. Hence, active engagement of all stakeholders-policy makers, educators, communities, families and private sector as well is necessary to meet the goals for a peaceful and just world for current and future generations. Big thanks for the dedication, commitment and efforts of our guidance counsellor, guidance designates and advocates of the different schools of SDO-Kalinga has been giving to our youth. We hope that this activity will empower our learners to proactively work with us, and with other sectors of our society, in bringing progress and development in our communities-one district at a time.
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