SDO Kalinga through the School Management Monitoring and Evaluation (SMME) re-orients school heads on SBM Level of Practice through a Virtual activity on July 13-14, 17, 2020. The activity aims to provide technical assistance to school heads inorder to raise the level of practice of schools in SDO Kalinga by strengthening teamwork among stakeholders, gather documents or evidences and improve learning outcomes. The activity involves the Regional Field Technical Assistance Division headed by Ethielyn Taqued, the Chief of FTAD, Marjory Valdez and Marcelo Talamayan, both EPS of FTAD, whose expertise in SBM are evident during the lectures.
ARD Vergara strongly encourages school heads to work for their level 2 of practice inorder to increase the number of schools in the Division under the Maturing level which is also beneficial to school heads through application for reclassification.
The topics discussed during the activity were DepEd CAR SBM Contextualized Tool, the computation of SBM Score, and Best Practices. Talamayan and Valdez both lecturers take turns in the presentation and discussion of topics for the 3 clusters while Neva Jane Atiwag of SMME discusses the computation of SBM Score in the third cluster of participants.
Valdez stresses the documentation of best practices and highlights the winning entries of our Division namely: Liwan West ES, Socbot ES and Socbot NHS, regional level Most Promising Category for the last two consecutive years. She hopes for more entries from SDO Kalinga during the coming Search for Best Practices.
School heads expressed their words of appreciation to all speakers, organizers for a very informative and technical assistance activity.
With increased level of practice in School-Based Management, SDO KALINGA will be Shinier!